Tuesday, January 1, 2013

32 species - First Day!

We had a great start to our Big Year getting 32 species -with 11 lifers for us today.  We hung out down at LaSalle Park in Burlington and then along the canal by the lift bridge.  We have not really concentrated on ducks before so it was not surprising that we got so many lifers.  There were lots of birders out and we had help and confirmation with most of our identifications which was nice.  The Northern Mockingbirds - two of them - were a bit of a surprise, near the open water but we had great views of them and confirmation from another birder.  There are a pair of Peregrine Falcons hanging out at the lift bridge and we had the opportunity to watch one hunting pigeons.  He was not successful. I've added our bird count on the blog so you can see what we have seen.  Enjoy!

American Wigeon

Trumpeter Swan - tagged from Wye Marsh
Northern Mockingbird
Greater Scaup